Wristbands for Convocation

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Important Wristband Information

Anna explains wristbands for the Convocation
  • There will NOT be name badges this year. 
  • If you booked with and are staying in a Gate 1 Hotel, you will receive a packet when you check-in at your hotel.
  • In your packet, you will have a wristband (Blue for the Main Scopus Convocation Hall and Green for the Overflow Valentino Room)
  • If you booked your own hotel, you will need to come to wristband pick-up by the Scopus Ballroom to get your wristband on Sunday evening, September 8th from 7-9pm or Monday morning, September 9th from 7-9am. 
  • The wristband is proof of your registration. Put the wristband on right away and know that you will be wearing it for the full 3 days of the Convocation. 
  • You will NOT need to register/check-in. You will show up Monday morning at the Convocation Hall with your wristband on to enter in and enjoy the session.
  • Do not lose your wristband. Replacements will be wristbands for the overflow room.

Convocation and Tour Tips and Guidelines – Click Here if you have not seen the Tips and Guidelines. These were sent in a previous email.

For those going on the Aglow Tour following the Convocation, please remember your $50 USD Tip for your Guides and Drivers. The tip will be collected on Thursday morning at the start of the tour. Your bus host will pass around an envelope with everyone’s name on it and you will intial by your name that you put the tip in.  

Please let us know if you have any more questions. We look forward to being in Jerusalem with you all very soon and are praying for safe travels!

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